Your home just feels welcoming.  The energy is good.  It treats you right.  Everyone feels comfortable.  It's always there for you, your family, your friends.  



smart design

That’s what we hear all the time when our customers step into their new home for the first time. It’s the same feeling you get when you slip on your favorite sweater—it fits, it’s comfortable, it’s you.

At OPTIMA Homes, we care about designing smart, functional spaces that fit your family’s active lifestyle and unique needs. We want you to love coming home.

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Looking for a great value without compromising the quality of your home? That's our specialty.  OPTIMA Homes uses innovative, but proven building technology and tightly-controlled engineering to create homes that are sturdy, energy-efficient, and simple to operate.  We're always honing our process and we're excited to share the results with your family. 

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Healthy living

We take a holistic approach when it comes to the health of your home.  That means steering clear of harmful elements and embracing beneficial home features like optimal sunlight and good airflow.  We help make your home a place where you can breath easy.  Would you like more information about creating a healthy home?  We're here to chat! 

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The stylish and refined spaces of every Optima Home are perfect for weekend entertaining while still comfortable for easy everyday living. 


We design smart, not big - right for your family’s efficient and effective use of space.  Everything is where you need and want it.  Since we’ve remodeled countless homes over the last twenty years, we get it!  We know how things should fit and flow - just like wearing your favorite sweater or great pair of jeans.

Our kitchen is simultaneously functional and lively while the bathrooms and paint combinations are relaxed and comfortable. For the level of expertise and knowledge they bring, they are still open, engaging and among the finest to work with.
— An Edina Homeowner

We take a holistic approach, selecting every component of Optima Homes.


You care deeply about your family’s health and well-being, and we work hard to ensure the best possible environment for you to enjoy.  It’s all about COMFORT level – determined by an even air temperature and humidity level, winter and summer, no drafts or air leakages.  Also, it’s about minimal particulate levels of dust and the elimination of any radon gas.  Your family needs good ventilation, air flow and natural light.  We focus on all of these elements for you and your family. We sweat the details, from cleaning up all sheetrock dust residue left during construction, to using the right low emission installed products, materials and supplies.  Simply put, breathe easy, live well!



Optima homes run on less than a $1 a day in natural gas!


Our homes are built to perform!  We build your home’s major components in an engineered facility and then assemble them on your home site – level, plumb and square – made to feel like it’s always been there.  Our building methods ensure energy efficiency – a tight and fitted envelope, well insulated from footings to foundation, walls to roof.  You will feel the difference in the home and in your pocket book.  Your HERS performance will be in the top 5% of new homes.  You can feel confident you’ve got a winner!